Sighting in Your Deer Shotgun

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Although shotgun season in Massachusetts doesn’t start until the end of November it is a good idea to get your shotgun ready now, before its too cold or the ranges are standing room only the weekend before opening day.
First things first, if you haven’t already selected the shotgun your going to hunt with make sure that you pick something reliable.  One we recommend is the rugged and reliable Remington 870 Combo.  The Remington 870 Combo comes equipped with a rifled slug barrel and a bird barrel.  Add some Williams Firesights to the mix and you have one accurate shotgun capable of taking down any North American game.
Now you’ve got the shotgun picked out and some time to head to the range, but not so fast, you’ll have to get the right ammunition.  Stock up on a few boxes of different ammo as certain shotguns like certain ammo.  We have had good luck with the following ammo and recommend starting out with a box of each; Brenneke KO, Federal Fusion, and Winchester Supreme.  Feel free to add in a couple boxes of other shotgun slugs to get a better idea of what your gun likes and don’t get discourage if it takes a couple extra brands of ammo, it will be worth it in the end.
Shotgun, check.  Ammo, check.  Targets, check.  Lets hit the range.  Set up a target at 25 yards and just try and punch some holes in it, make sure something isn’t way off from jump.  Once you’ve got your shotgun warmed up at 25 yards and it feels comfortable to fire move a new target out to 50 yards.  Dial your sights in to be about an inch and a half high at 50 yards, this should make you dead on at 100 yards.  At 50 yards with the right ammo you should be hitting close to the same hole, and at 100 yards you should have at least a nice cloverleaf shaped grouping.
Don’t forget to mind the rules of your range while sighting in your trophy collector!

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