So you wanna get your MA LTC?

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First and foremost you’ll need to take a firearms safety course.  Select a course which caters to the type of shooting which you want to do.  Many courses are designed to educate students on target shooting, concealed carry, or hunting. Make sure to read the descriptions of each course and make sure it has the curriculum which you are looking for.

For example a course more geared towards the target shooter is the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course MA LTC – 002, while a course more designed for concealed carry and self defense would be the Safe Carry Firearms Course MA LTC – 024.  Lastly if you’re looking for something that would get you an FID card and a Massachusetts Hunting License than the Hunter’s Safety Course is for you.

Once you’ve selected a course and successfully passed it you’ll be able to apply for a license in your respective town/city.  Your Police Chief and/or his or her designee have the ability to determine which license and/or restriction they believe a person is qualified for in correlation with MA General Law, as well as require documentation or other materials above and beyond the Commonwealth’s application.  Keeping this in mind it is beneficial to acquire a application for your LTC from your Police Department rather than printing one off the Commonwealth’s website.

Certain departments have requirements such as letters of recommendation, proof of residency more than a driver’s license, as well as taking a course which they believes qualifies you for the specific license which you are attempting to receive.  A little extra research on your part could save you time and money.

Be sure to fill out your application completely and truthfully, remember they are the Police and its 2015 they have computers that can find out anything you’ve done in the past, so don’t lie about it, list it and explain it.

Lastly, having your license to carry is a privilege and a responsibility, and because of this the Police Department in your city or town must do their due-diligence in issuing them, so “Keep Calm and Wait for Your LTC”.

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