Stand Locations & Food Sources

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As deer hunting season approaches we hope that you have all had time to scout a good spot for your stand and have set it up.  If your like many, life’s responsibilities may have slowed you down in your quest for a 12 pointer this year.  Let us help with a couple tips to finding the best spot for your stand.

First things first, do some research on the predominant wind direction of the area which you will be hunting.  Keeping that wind blowing at your face is the best direction for you to point your stand in.  Once you’ve determined what direction you want to point your stand, its time to find a good food source for those whitetails in the area.

As I’m sure you can hear the acorns are falling off the trees more than ever right now.  The whitetails in our area love the white acorns as opposed to the red and they’ll be snacking on them wherever they can find them.  Finding a stand location near the bottom of a hill or another area where these acorns collect is a great first step.

A great hidden treasure to look for in the woods is also the wild apple or pear tree.  Although they may not produce fruit that will drop from the tree some branches may be low enough for the deer to get at and you’ve struck gold.

Once you’ve found a good food source to put your stand close to, set it up and get out.  Allow as much time between the setting up of your stand and your hunt so that the whitetails get use to it and pay it no mind.
Safe and Happy Hunting, and don’t forget your hunter orange!

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