The Benefits of Synthetic Gun Lube

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The days of tacky, easily dried out gun oils have been replaced by a higher grade lubricant.  Newly designed synthetic gun lubes make for a more reliable and lasting lubrication.  These synthetic oils are not only designed with the rapid shooter in mind but also the hunter.

Synthetic lubricant allows for less breakdown during times of high heat when firing full auto, as well as when hunting in your stand at below freezing temperatures.  Other severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, and humidity will not negatively effect the functionality of your gun.  These synthetic lubricants also do not contain silicone which often attracts dust and sand particles, which often restrict the action of your firearm if you do a lot of shooting from the prone position.

Through our own T&E of newly designed synthetic gun lubes we find Slip 2000 to be the best functioning. of the brands we’ve used.  It has increased the functionality of our firearms no matter what the action, and has lessened the amount of times we have needed to lubricate them.

We equate the amount of lube to use on our firearms to be like a Patriot’s Cheerleader’s skirt…  Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting.  Just use enough to cover those friction points where pieces of metal come in contact with each other, and not so much that its all over your hands when you shoot.

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