The Right Winter Hunting Gear

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As the weather begins to get increasingly colder selecting the right clothing to wear while out in your stand can determine how long you’re able to stay our there as well as how successful you will be.  The gear you buy doesn’t have to be the most expensive but it does need to be the most beneficial in terms of keeping you warm, wicking moisture, and keeping your scents down.

Your base layer should be made up of polypropylene, also most commonly referred to as a type of Under Armour.  You won’t have to get the Under Armour brand name but something similar.  This polypropylene base layer will keep you warm while allowing your skin to breath and prevent it from sweating.

Your next layer should be a wind proof fleece with your outer layer being a wool coat.  This external wool coat layer will retain 80% of your body heat while also allowing for your skin to breath, again helping with sweat prevention.  The ability to keep your body warm and not sweaty will keep you dry and warm.  Sweat will turn cold over time and make for an unpleasant hunt.

Lastly the use of scent blocking material or sprays can be beneficial when used practically.  Before putting on any scent block layers or spraying scent block on your clothing first consider what you’ll be eating before the hunt, if you’ll smoke, or travel in a car before reaching your hunting grounds.  All of these things can add foreign scents to your clothes and defeat the use of scent block before you get out there.

Don’t forget your hunter orange.

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