Wheel Guns, Old School Reliability

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As semi-auto pistols have become the norm in concealed carry, with an almost endless selection of different sizes, calibers, and manufacturers, has the revolver lost its place in the self-defense world?  We don’t think so!

The reliability of the Wheel Gun can’t be matched by the semi-auto.  The revolver is a very simple design with a very limited amount of working parts.  Less working parts make for less possible malfunctions of those parts.  The stove pipe, double feed, or failure to eject are just some of the common semi-auto malfunctions that you won’t have with your wheel gun.  Having the time to train and become proficient enough to clear a malfunction with your semi-auto can not only be very difficult but often be for not when you get yourself in a life or death situation.

The fine motor skills and sexy “tap, rack, bang” which you’ve been practicing can be thrown right out the window when you’re in a close quarter’s battle for your life while fending off an attacker armed with a knife.  The reliability of a wheel gun that just needs its trigger squeezed to fire helps me sleep at night.  Should you happen to squeeze the trigger of that snub nose and it doesn’t fire you just squeeze the trigger again!

Reconsider the use of your concealable revolver, and Train to Win!

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